Exploration on live analysis and sonification from images captured from the Sun. 3 cycles aims to create an interactive audio visual performance.

3 cycles from Juan Duarte Regino on Vimeo.

Images captured by Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) of NASA over 3 months (about 3 solar cycles) are analyzed with several computer vision algorithms and fed into a sound generation software/hardware to create an interactive sonification and visualization of the process and turned into a performance.

Sonification part strives to present sonic information through digital and analog processes of synthesis that interact and modify each other. The data is traslated into table of values for FM synthesizers and Voltage Control for a Modular Synth that depend on the data presented on the visuals.

Visuals and analysis: Muharrem Yildirim
Sound: Juan Duarte

Project developed during CTM's Music Makers Hacklab

Documentary MusicMakers Hacklab at CTM Festival 2015 from CDM on Vimeo.

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Photos by Gösta Wellmer

Pictures by Jonas Tölle

Pictures by DISK CTM