Juan C. Duarte Regino is a Mexican artist-researcher and current Ph.D. candidate at Aalto University. His research revolves around the exploration of the symbiotic relationship between nature and technology through environmental sound. Duarte Regino creates unique artifacts that resonate with planetary energies and ancient cosmo-visions, shedding light on this intricate connection.In his innovative approach, he employs diversified technologies to develop methods for augmented listening. By doing so, Duarte Regino pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and enables a deeper understanding of our environment and its intricate interplay with technology.His artistic endeavors have gained recognition and have been showcased at prestigious events and venues such as the CTM Festival, Spiral Gallery, Pixelache Festival, Hai Art, IAMAS, RIXC, Media Art Histories, Ujazdowski CCA, ISEA, Goethe Institut Beijing, ETH Zurich, and Medialab Matadero. Through these presentations, Duarte Regino continues to captivate audiences and provoke thoughtful discussions about the intersection of art, nature, and technology