Land, People & Sound
Sound art residency in Binaural / Nodar
Municipality of Vouzela (Portugal)

SoCCoS - A Sound-based Artist Residency Network

in collaboration with:

Sébastien Piquemal

After several many years hosting projects that worked thematic aspects of the territory that were beforehand proposed to artists (riverscapes, voicescapes, religion, rural architecture, social mobility), Binaural/Nodar has been working in 2015 and 2016 on the liberating nature of the absence of a script or of a previous guiding theme, inviting artists to emphasize organic, expressive and visceral contacts with landscapes of the Portuguese Lafões region, through workshops, performances and/or installations which senses are to be locally defined from the stimuli and interactions that ultimately are present.

The four artists who will do creative work in Vouzela have multifaceted and diverse paths in the fields of sound art, vocal performance, code-art, free improvisation and visual arts.

Pictures by Joao Farelo

Workshop on FM Transmitters
Pictures by Manuela Barillo

Sound Improvisation with Hydrophones and FM Transmitters