“Equinox" is a sound generator to displays audible information about changes of light during the day in an outdoor environment.

Procedural Image generated with Processing for Equinox Installation.

It is expected that when night comes the generator shuts down and starts again the next morning with the first traces of light.

On the 21st of March 2015 Equinox was opened the Rundum Showcase #9 with a portable synth that reacts to sunlight.

Sample recording from Equinox

The generator is made from a circuit with simple electronic components: no computers are used. Also it can be an interface for public interaction while people shade over the light receptors.

To underline spring equinox, a solar powered sound generator was placed in public space in a park in Kalamaja, Tallinn.

Pictures from the location (Kalamaja):

This installation eventually was developed as a workshop on Light Synths. The first edition was presented in Paide Estonia. The workshop was organised by Pixelache in the framework ofARMT project.