Interface for sound spatialization, and synthesis in real time using embedded computing systems and open source sensing and control devices. Designed in collaboration with sound artists Mario de Vega and Arnaud Riviére. The project emerged as a platform to develop a long term project for an Instrument that takes multiple forms of use and interpretation for sound performance and installation.

Initially, the main target of the interface is to manipulate physically the input sources they play, as to be amplitude modulated. Whilst positioning input sources in a 4 channel system amplifiers that frame the performance area. The sound interface demands to deal with the following operations.

-Control surface to position sounds into a 4 corner grid system.
-Display to show current state and control feedback while using the interface.
-Gesture System to record, automate and store gesture to volume transtions in speakers.
-Preset Switches to start/stop automated modulations.

The modulation of signals is done via analog/digital inputs on the BELA (switches, faders and capacitive sensors).

The first prototype of “I”, was presented at Instant Chauvirés as a sound installation - performance by Mario and Arnaud.

Later on, “I” was developed further during a residency at STEIM, arranged by sound artist Hugo Esquinca

More recent performances using the interface were featured at the following events:

CTM 2020
Sonic Acts 2020