This is a artist residency with a research profile I did in Institute of Advanced Media Arts I did between mid February and mid May 2016. During this time I could develop further Pulsar Kite as a workshop and technology for portability. Also prepared a workshop on Generative Audiovisuals, and continued the development of the AV performance - Enactment.

This residency project was supported by TAIKE, and IAMAS.

Concert Enactment - IAMAS 27th April 2016

Enactment @IAMAS from Juan Duarte Regino on Vimeo.

Concert at 64 #1 - @BushBash Tokyo

Pulsar Kite Interface Development

Workshop on Pulsar Kite - IAMAS - Group test (23.04.16)

Taipei Artist Village :

Performance and Workshop on Light Synths at Taipei Artist Village

17/04/16 Workshop on Sound Synthesis and Generative Visuals with PD

First Pulsar Kite Test in Ibigawa - Ogaki

Artist talk / Lecture 18/02/2016

12/04/16 Intro to workshop, and prototype presentation

Pictures by Yushi Yashima