Formed through Nordic collaboration, MME course brought together the excellence of teaching activities of Aalto University in Finland, Aarhus University in Denmark and Mälardalen University in Sweden. Giving opportunities to develop a theoretical and practical framework, the course covers a wide range of topics within the multidisciplinary characteristic of the field; materiality, novel controllers and interfaces for musical expression, performance and composition strategies, physical interaction, mobile music technology, performance paradigms and the utilisation of sound synthesis techniques.

Image: Abadoned Factory "Mimerlaven" @Norberg

On festival site, the students form multidisciplanary groups, creating instruments and installations to be performed, displayed and discussed together with the participators and audience of Norbergfestival 2015.

Scouting on location: Mimerlaven - Norberg, Sweden.

During this course had the chance to collaborate with the danish musician Kristian Hverring, also known as Krishve.

In order to exchange some musical understanding we did a jam session with the instruments we brought to the course. Here is a recording from that improvisation.

Prototyping ideas for a musical instrument from scratch

This is a recording from the metal plate we used as a electroacoustic instrument.

Setup for the performance

Performance at Mimerlaven

Pictures from the festival venue and performances