Sonic Interventionism from Juan Duarte Regino on Vimeo.

This documentation was carried during a workshop by Mad Bech Paluszewski at MOKS, in Estonia, it was  aimed for sound intervention upon surfaces and structures. This way, it was possible to work on public and leftover spaces surrounding Moks.

The outcome brought a set of temporary sound installations for exploration with own prepared materials, prepared as hit-and-run performances and concerts.

Pictures by John Grznich

Location: Various sites in the areas in and around the village of Mooste in public space.

The purpose of Sonic Interventionism is about bending the acoustic and semiotic qualities of objects in public space. That is obtained by turning objects and structures into sounding units to be used actively to enhance a sonic environment within public space: to produce a series of ad hoc compositions based on acoustic properties found in abandoned spaces.

In the words of Mads, using acoustics as a physical, tactile and vibrational energy to adapt and distort the significance of everyday objects and structures in our surroundings. The approach can be described as a mix between street art interventionism, field recording, and a somewhat nerdish sound exploration.