During May 2013 Hai Art Art organised a project aimed to design and develop a sound application for mobile platforms, where designers could collaborate with local students of the primary school to promote the use of diverse sound materials to describe site specific experiences happening in the remote island of Hailuoto in Oulu, Finland.

The starting point for development brought proposals for imaginary instruments with playful qualities that focused on the attentive listening from the soundscape of the island. The concept development was supported by presenting an overview about software and video games design process. Consequently, a number of working sessions were arranged to propagate ideas and feedback from the students.

Sound Map Hailuoto is the result of this collaboration. Curently is an iPad application that contain sounds recorded in different parts of the island, that are activated in certain areas of the map. A 'mix' function allows the sounds to be combined with signal from the microphone of the device. The sonic result is a composition of processed signal from the sonic environment with Hailuoto sounds.

Sound Map Hailuoto - App Development with sound & code artist Juan Duarte Regine and Hai Art from Hai Art on Vimeo.

Sound Map Hailuoto Development Exhibition in Pori Art Museum, Finland. Picture by AGF

Presentation of Sound Map Hailuoto in UDK Berlin, with Media lab Helsinki. Picture by Pouyan Mohseninia